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डोमेन नाम
FREE with every domain See Details
डोमेन & मेजबान, buy DomainsTotal Domain DNS Control. You can manage all your domain nameserver (डीएनएस) records from your control panel.
Buy Domain Names Domain Masking and Forwarding. Easily direct your domain name to your website or anywhere else you want.
Free Domain extrasडोमेन लॉक. Prevent accidental transfers of domain ownership.
Doman RegistrationChange of Domain Registration. Assign your domain to someone else anytime.
Domain nameDomain Protection. Auto renew keeps your domains और web hosting under your control.






$4.99 .INFO








वेब होस्टिंग
cPanel Hosting that's second to none!
A collection of over 150 of world's top applications is at your fingertips. With Live Hoster cPanel web hosting, you are only one click away from your easy website.

 Blogs, forums, photo galleries, shops, and many more from the popular sources like Wordpress, जूमला, Drupal, phpBB, Magneto, and Gallery take only one click Installation. You don't need any knowledge of coding.
Plus FREE Domain with 12 महीने होस्टिंग या वेबसाइट बिल्डर (सीमित समय पेशकश).

See listing of all web hosting plans with complete details and prices!
Great Deals

Build your website with no experience
- pre built website designs and content include free web hosting  learn more

Risk Free Transfers
-- Includes one year subscription Starting at $10.99

Private Registrations - No scams, spam, or prying eyesOnly $7.95

Website Design Service - Get more than a website. Includes marketing tools, Web hosting and more! learn more
Domains and web Hosting
  • Site Email


    आसान, फास्ट, private, secure, reliable, and spam-free Email! Free web based email software included.
    From only $1.25/mo!
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  • Increase Website Traffic
    Search Engine Visibility
    Search Engine Visibility - Get traffic and commerce to your site via search engines.

    Quick Shopping Cart
    Everything you need to open your own online store.
  • SSL Certificate
    Secure SSL Certificates
    Secure your Website. Boost customer confidence and response with an affordable SSL Certificate.
    From only $29.99/yr!
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  • Build a website with no experience
    Create a Web Site
    Create everything from your own personal single-purpose page up to a powerful e-commerce site that's ready to roll.
    From only $7.49/mo!
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  • Privacy
    Make your domain registration private - protect yourself from spam, scams, prying eyes and worse!
    Pricing as low as $7.95/yr!
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  • E-Commerce
    नया! SSL Secure Certificates - Deter theft, fraud and secure your site!
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